International Dogfighting League

Welcome to the IDFL site.

The purpose of the IDFL is to bring the Falcon Community together in a competitive environment that is interesting and fun. Although you have to sign up to participate, the IDFL is not a wing or squadron in the conventional sense. It is a hub where any and all vPilots can test their skills against each other in a structured environment. The IDFL welcomes non-wing affiliated individual vPilots, as much as those who are affiliated with a wing or squadron. Further, the IDFL cooperates with existing wings/squadrons to promote skill development and Red Flag type engagements and activities.

For vPilots who are looking to join a squadron or wing, the IDFL is a great place to meet and fly with vPilots from squads all around the world  before making a commitment one way or the other. The IDFL provides several links on the right hand side of its home page that point to various squadrons, wings, and other sites of interest to the Falcon Community.

The IDFL's competitions are evolving and growing by the day. The implementation of the Anti-Cheat Program, Secure Falcon, has added a dimension that was sorely lacking in the Falcon Community for years. With Secure Falcon, participating vPilots can enjoy the peace of mind that the competitions are being conducted on a level playing field. The IDFL is proud to use Secure Falcon as it’s electronic referee, and our competitors benefit from being eligible to be issued with an IDFL License for Secure Falcon free of charge*.

The IDFL encourages pilots of all skill levels to register and participate. In the 1v1 and 2v2 Leagues, the competition is staged in two phases, the RACE and then the DIVISIONs. The DIVISIONs are formed around groups of 10 vPilots, based on skill level determined by the results of the “RACE” portion of the season. (Visit the Web League for details). Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and improve you Falcon skills.

All are welcome to the IDFL; the young, those who still consider themselves young, whether you are experience with online flying or not.  The IDFL is proud to have amongst its members, vPilots from all around the world. Most importantly, the IDFL prides itself with being a place where fair play, respect, maturity, politeness, are coupled in a good natured and competitive atmosphere, for the very reason that we all came together:



Fight’s On




*  Conditions apply