Proposal for change of ROE 2 from 9P to 9M missiles.

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Postby Porkchop » Tue Nov 27, 2007 5:32 am

I'm all for that, as long as it does not replace the current 1v1 format; IMO I think it should be an alternate 1v1 format competition.
To be honest though, it does look like it would be so much more complex, that it would definetily be for more advanced flyers. The competition rules doc for that would surely quadruple the size of the current rules - as a Business Analyst I am used to see what a customer's request (example Paveway's ideas) translates to in terms detail that still needs to be added.
But yeah, it would definitely be an advanced level competition and certainly more enjoyable for people that want to take it to a next level. It is closer to certain ideas that Nap has told me about.

For the regular 1v1 competition I don't really care anymore about changing from 9P to 9M or X. That's fine. Not that I think it's necessarily more realistic. How realistic is it to have two F16s against each other with exact same weapons? But I know that's not the point, so it's not like I would get upset about it and stop participating because people aren't listening to me.

What I am kind of upset about is the lack of participation. I mean how many people have being sharing their opinion on this topic - we've had five or six?? How is Nap going to make an "educated" decision on so few opinions?
Also, the current 1v1 league is kind of dead, there's been barely any flights for a month. I don't know what the problem is - or the solution.
I just know I joined to have fun - not to become the champion ... coughbullshit... ;) and now nothing's happening with it. I hope the Division stage sees more action.

Maybe F4 AF is 'old' and whenever the next good 'realistic' flight sim comes out it will get real busy again. fingers crossed... :)

Maybe the IDFL needs a dedicated team of Adversaries, people that will be like the red team at the Red Flag exercises. Coming up with TE's and ideas to challenge the rest of us...

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Postby centermass » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:59 am

People have to want to fly for the competition to be moving. People don't want to lose so they don't fly. :roll:

Nap should do what he wants, but the active pilots should be listened to more than those who do not fly. Since they will be the ones affected by any rule changes.

TE based matches will have far less rules as far as ROE, (because fights on once in the jet) goes but more rules for initial setup and scoring.

I will work on coming up with the rules for a TE based competition. :wink:

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Postby Porkchop » Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:19 am

"People don't want to lose so they don't fly. "
I hear you on that. Why would they join a dogfighting league then? You gotta expect to get your ass kicked specially if you are new at it. Heck I went against the same guy twice, knowing that there wasn't much chance of winning the second time, I just wanted to learn from it since I knew he was good.

I think that shows a problem with this type of scoring. It is very accurate if there is participation, but it may induce people to stop trying if they know it will just throw them down the list.

Maybe we should have a trial season where matches would be forced. Force a max of X pilots, put them in 4 groups of X/4 pilots. within each group you have to fly against everyone else in the group, the group winner moves on (or maybe the top two) to next round. The next level group stage starts and so on. Within each group stage matches that were missed may be counted as losses or maybe ties depending on reason why the match didn't occur. We could probably have different categories of items to solve ties at the end of the group.
Try to make these group stages relatively short, start another season very shortly after the previous season group stage is done, etc.

Each year there could be a "Invitational" where top placers for that year are invited for the Year's Top Gun event. :twisted:

I don't know :roll: ...Just throwing out ideas of ways to get more participation.

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