Spectator Mode Now available in Secure Falcon

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Spectator Mode Now available in Secure Falcon

Postby xianzai » Sat Nov 04, 2006 2:43 am

Spectator Mode

ABMS is pleased to introduce an exciting new feature for Secure Falcon. Spectator Mode allows one or more spectators to view a SF match in all available outside views.

Setup a Spectator Mode match as follows:
The vpilot who is hosting SF
- when selecting the competition rules, in the drop down box choose:
Spectator Mode
- proceed with SF setup as normal
- once AF is turned on and mulitiplayer is setup, in the Rules of Engagement screen of game setup, the vpilot who is hosting will click:
Allow external views
- proceed as normal with game setup and play

To connect as a Spectator:
- the spectator/s do not use SF to connect to the vpilot host
- turn on AF and connect to the vpilot host and enter the game as normal with:
Allow external views clicked
- enter the game as normal and click on fly when ready

In Spectator Mode SF has been configured to block the external views for the pilots competing while allowing external views for a spectator.

To unobstruct the competing pilots game the spectator/s should fly directly into the ground at the start of the match, NOT EJECT, and then feel free to use the allowed outside views.

Flying as a spectator will effect your logbook rating, you can change your logbook so this doesn't happen.

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