F4AF TE Merge Announcement

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F4AF TE Merge Announcement

Postby Nap » Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:49 pm

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

As you will recall from the Force on Force Planning thread, match day TE's are going to be dynamic.
Traditional FoF events in the past have been conducted by either creating a TE specific for the event (a lot of work) or re-using a TE from the past. Either way there are invariably opportunities to attain prior knowledge of the TE's content.

Since a match will require both teams to play Red and Blue sides alternatively, teams will need to have their 1/2 TE prepared in advance for each scenario (one for when they are playing Red side, and another one for when they are playing Blue side). Note that these TE's do not have any opposing units placed.
A short time prior to the match, teams submit their 1/2 TE's to the IDFL who will merge the pairs to create the actual TE's to be used. The teams will not receive the match TE's until they connect to the Falcon server on match day.
Using this approach, each match will be unique. This allows teams to utilise the element of surprise among other ideas etc., thus making for more interesting challenges.

The one stumbling block preventing us from implementing the above idea has been the problem of doing the merge.
We are pleased to ANNOUNCE that we now have the ability to do this.

So, I would like to get a group of members (experienced in FoF TE creation) together to discuss team sizes and OOB.

Before we setup a TS meeting, I would like to see who is interested in participating, so please post below if you would like to participate.

(Those of you from various squadrons/wings; if you have specific people in your squadron/wing who deal with these sorts of things, please let them know about this and extend an invitation, on behalf of the IDFL, for them to participate.)


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Postby centermass » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:46 pm

I'm interested in this idea, but don't know how to make TEs. I'm interested in adding this in addition to the current ladder.

Some ideas:

1. Have to take off from an airbase "Home-plate".

2. Have to land your jet at Home-plate to get full points.

3. Draws would be if both jets crash or both jets don't get kills. No points awarded.

4. ROE 1 and 2 jets must fly towards each other until both are contacted on Radar, then free to maneuver and fights on. ROE 3, jets are free to maneuver once airborne and fights on.

5. All ROE are authorized Fuel tanks and jammer. Weapons must be agreed upon by the ladder.

6. These TE flights may take longer so may want to reduce the number of sorties per ROE to 1.

7. No ADA / SAM authorized past the FLOT.


1. Tankers allowed and AWACS allowed? Bonus points for shooting them down?

2. What type of SAM threats allowed and how many?

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