Improvements Planned

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Improvements Planned

Postby Nap » Sat Aug 19, 2006 4:48 am

The following fixes are being worked on:

1) Preventing possibility of program crash if Host starts organising teams before all clients join.

The following improvements are planned (no particular order):

1 ) On-the-fly alterations to BFOps Variables that are permitted but not set within the correct range allowed.
2 ) Web based version checking and downloadable updates.
3 ) Forgot Password link to be added (incase Secure Falcon.ini is lost or corrupted).
4 ) A link within Secure Falcon to access these forums.
5 ) Expansion to allow Secure Falcon to be used with other legacy versions of Falcon (eg SP4.2, BMS, FF, Cobra etc).
5 ) Provision to report match results to a website/database or directly to organiser.
6 ) A calandar within Secure Falcon where upcoming competitions and other Falcon related events can be seen.
7 ) Automation of Falcon, to make connection to server for the user.
8 ) A server version of Secure Falcon to enable dedicated servers to manage clients that join.
9 ) Provision for uneven teams.
10) Improved install checking mechanism to lower processor load while players are in the 3D world.
11) Enable a password to be set on a Secure Falcon session.
12) Give the host improved management functions.
13) Provision to set Commandline parameters for Falcon launch.
14) Provision to add IP's entered in Secure Falcon back into your Falcon Logbook.
15) Rules page to show the actual rules being enforced by Secure Falcon.
16) Function to change installs or swap files (incase you have skins or other modifications).
17) A Rules Creation User Interface to enable organisers to create their competition rules easier.

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