Secure Falcon allows Spectator Mode in a Dogfight

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Secure Falcon allows Spectator Mode in a Dogfight

Postby Nap » Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:20 pm

A new set of rules have been applied to Secure Falcon that enable a spectator to be present during the match, without giving the competitors access to external views.

F4AF International Dogfighting League
[b]F4AF Dogfighting League (Spectators Mode)[b]
F4AF Napoleon's Playground

All competitors should enter the game using SF, but all spectators should connect without SF.

The Game Parameters should be set to allow external views (which will only be available to spectators).

Spectators should be aware that they can affect the outcome of the match and it is suggested that as soon as they are "In the Pit", they nose dive into the ground. (You should use an alternative LOGBOOK if you are concerned about your ratings.)

Spectators can record ACMI's, use the various external views to look at the competitors and take snapshots of the action. (Including FRAPS)


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