1 v 1 Dogfighting Competition Rules

This page explains all the information, requirements and rules you need to know about how to join the competition and how it operates. Please use it as a reference when you are unsure about some aspect of the competition.

Prospective competitors, please make sure you are registered on the forum and logged in before you attempt to join the league. You will not be able to access the Web League menus if you are not logged into the forum.

You will find a list of Important Links below.

vPilot Requirements

This competition is open to anyone who is interested in dogfighting and wishes to test their skills against other vPilots. The competition is conducted over the internet, so you will be meeting people from around the globe. This means that occasionally you will have to use sign language to communicate.

Here is a list of things you need in order to participate:

  1. Up to date "vanilla" Falcon 4 Allied Force install (currently Patch 1.0.7).
  2. HiTiles and Stop's Pits are acceptable,
  3. All other modifications (including custom skins) are not allowed when playing in the competition, you might consider having a seperate install for use in this competition,
  4. Headphones/speakers and a microphone,
  5. Teamspeak2,
  6. ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc for use in contacting other vPilots to arrange your matches,
  7. Secure Falcon installed and licensed,

You will need to make sure all your gear and software is setup and working before your matches. (Admins or other vPilots in the League can help you out with this if you require assistance.)

Participating in the competition will require you to use the forum and the Web League for various reasons that will be outlined below. The Web League menus can only be accessed while you are logged into the forum. This has been done to protect private information the Web League requires you to enter.

Joining the Competition

You can only join the competition with one callsign.
(Remember that you must be logged into the forum to access the menues described below)

You can join the competition by following the steps below:

  1. Goto the Web League main page,
  2. Select the Join option from the menu,
  3. Enter your callsign,
    • Please DO NOT add numbers, symbols, squad designations, or letter combinations that identify you as part of a group, to the front of your callsigns. Adding these behind your callsign is acceptable,
    • Please DO NOT add any punctuation marks to your callsign.
  4. Please enter your password,
    • Please use only alphanumeric characters and punctuation characters.
  5. Please provide reliable contact details (since these will be used to organise the matches you participate in),
    • Please provide as many points of contact as possible when registering. Email and ICQ should be considered the minimum for contact details, and use of PM on the forum is highly recommended.

  6. Your registration will be removed if:
    1. Your Callsign does not meet the above guidelines,
    2. You fail to provide sufficient valid points of contact,
    3. You register more than one (1) callsign.

  7. Press the Join Button to save your entry details.
  8. Below is an example of the screen.

    Join Example

Your Initial Rating

If you are new to the competition, your starting rating will be set one point less than the bottom vPilot on the ladder.

Standings Page

The Standings Page is where you can see the status of the competition ladder at a glance. It's primary purpose is to display the Rank of each vPilot in the competition.

In addition to the rank, the Standings Page shows other statistical information about each vPilot; Wins, Losses, Percentage, and Rating. From the Standings Page you can also see who is in a challenge, who is not in a challenge, and who is on leave.

The figure below shows a sample portion of the Standings Page.

vPilot Color Codes

The color of the vPilot's callsign indicates their current status. Below is an explaination of what each color means:

Blackindicates that the vPilot is not in a challenge. They can either challenge another vPilot, or be challenged,
Greenindicates that the vPilot is either challenging another vPilot or another vPilot has challenged them,
Redindicates that vPilot is on leave and cannot be challenged.

In order to protect everyone's private information, the standings page will only include Callsigns with URLs and menu items at the top when you are logged into the forum.

The 1 v 1 System

The system in use for the dogfighting competition is based on the ELO rating system.

This system calculates a rating based on matches won and lost, and takes into consideration the rating of vPilots that matches are won and lost against. The rating itself is a representation of the probability of winning against other rated vPilots (i.e. a difference of zero in vPilot ratings would represent a 50% probability of winning/losing for each of the competitors). The greater the difference, the more likely it is that the vPilot with the higher rating will prevail. Therefore the rating is also an indicator of a vPilots skill.

Challenging a vPilot with a comparatively higher rating offers the potential of greater rewards in terms of improving the challenger's rating and hence placement on the ladder, if the challenger can defeat that vPilot. While the probabilities represented by the ratings may or may not be accurate in the short term (it will likely become more accurate over time as more matches are fought).

With the Rules of Challenging in place, the comparative rating itself will be a fair indication of success and comparative ability in the competition ROEs and should therefore work well in their primary purpose of ranking pilots on the standings page. That is, vPilots with higher ratings are ranked higher on the Ladder than pilots with lower ratings.

Top Guns and the Hall of Fame

When a Recognized Ladder Leader is defeated in a challenge match, that vPilot is automatically recycled back to the initial starting rating for new vPilots. While the recycled Leader will lose all stats gained up to that point in the competition, the vPilot's Ladder statistics that result from the match that recycled him will be preserved on a separate Honour Board in the Hall of Fame. If a vPilot recycles and then successfully regains and defends the top position again, he/she will be placed in the Hall of Fame with a gold star after recycling, with an additional star awarded each time he subsequently regains and defends the #1 position and recycles. This is done in order to

  1. Prevent stagnation at the top of the Ladder (i.e. make the comfy chair not so comfy) and to encourage a more long term perspective of the competition so that vPilots don't just become satisfied with their position on the Ladder; and
  2. give lower ranked vPilots more opportunity to fly against more experienced pilots.

Recognized Ladder Leader

In order for a vPilot to become the Recognized Ladder Leader (RLL) the vPilot must have;

In addition, the first vPilot to hit 1700 points will secure the Right of First Challenge against any over takers from that point.

In cases where a vPilot achieves the #1 rank on the Ladder as the result of a match win against a RLL, that vPilot will be deemed to hold the #1 position and the right of first challenge (see below), however will NOT be eligible to recycle until after a successful defence of the #1 rank with a match win. i.e. If this vPilot loses the first defence match they will not be recycled, and will lose the right of first challenge even if the #1 rank was maintained.

Right of First Challenge

  1. If a RLL loses his #1 position due to circumstances other than defeat in a match i.e. a vPilot ranked lower on the Ladder overtakes the RLL's rating as a result of matches with other vPilots, then he is NOT recycled. In this case, the RLL will have first right to issue a challenge on the new Ladder leader, and will have 48 hours to exercise that right (or indicate an intention to do so if already involved in a challenge), during which no new challenges may be issued to either vPilot. If the new leader is subsequently defeated in that first right challenge, the victory to the RLL will count as a successful defence.
  2. In cases where a vPilot achieves the #1 rank by overtaking the RLL in a match win with another vPilot, that vPilot will NOT be deemed to hold the #1 position unless the RLL either waives his/her right of first challenge or is defeated in that challenge. In either of these events, see point 1 above.
  3. In cases where a vPilot achieves #1 rank by defeating a vPilot who is in #1 position but who is not deemed to hold that position or is not a RLL, that vPilot will secure the Right of First Challenge but will still be required to successfully defend the #1 rank at least once in order to become eligible for recycling.
  4. In cases where a vPilot overtakes a #1 ranked vPilot who is not deemed to hold that position or is not a RLL, other than in a match with that #1 ranked vPilot, or by moving into #1 as a result of the previous RLL being recycled or withdrawing from competition), that vPilot must successfully defend the #1 position in a match win in order to secure the right of first challenge and then successfully defend the position again to become a RLL eligible for recycling.
  5. RLLs may voluntarily recycle with honors after successful Top Spot defences. These rules of recycling are designed to ensure that Leaders get to the #1 spot on the Ladder by defeating the current RLL if possible (or at least having to face that prospect if the current RLL is so inclined). While League Admin will monitor developments as best they can to determine RLLs and vPilot rights associated with these rules and act on them, it is also the responsibility of the competitors to be aware of their rights in regard to becoming RLLs and recycling and assert their rights in a timely manner.
Note: This is still a work in progress, and no doubt issues will arise that will have to be resolved as the competition progresses.

Voluntary Recycling Non-Leaders:

We recognize that rookie Dogfighters or old veterans returning to the arena may have a hard time of it when they start competing and may become discouraged by their match statistics as time goes on. For this reason, in order to give these vPilots motivation to continue flying in the short, medium, and long term, vPilots have the option to have their stats and rating reset back to default after they have flown 15 full matches (45 ROE). Note that all previous stats for the Season will still be kept on record for recycled Ladder Leaders. If you would like your stats reset after you have completed 15 matches, please contact League Admin.

vPilots On Leave

Registered vPilot's who are going to be temporarily unavailable to compete on the Ladder will need to write a post in the Pilots On Leave (On Leave sub-forum) and update their leave status on the Web League (using the "rollcall" link) before going on leave.

When a vPilot returns from leave and is available to compete again, they will need to update their earlier post in the Pilots On Leave (On Leave sub-forum) announcing their return, and once again update their leave status on the Web League (using the "rollcall" link). The admins will then move that thread to the Pilots On Leave (Returned sub-forum).

vPilots on leave will show in red on the ladder, cannot be challenged, and are not to be included in challenge calculations. vPilots who are absent from competition without leave will be subject to the normal rules of defaulted and voided matches.

Since we don't want competitors resting on their achievements and maintaining their positions indefinitely without activity, being put on leave is only temporary protection. After 14 days of being on leave, rating points will be lost at the rate of five (5) per day. Where a Ladder leader is unavailable for competition for longer than the maximum 14 days allocated to vPilots on leave, he/she shall lose rating points at double the normal rate i.e. 10 points per day until overtaken by another pilot, or until that pilot becomes available for competition again.

Rules of Challenging

A vPilots may only be subject to one (1) challenge at any given time i.e. if a challenge has been issued and has yet to be flown/voided/defaulted, or match results have yet to be recorded on the Web League site, neither vPilot may issue another challenge or be challenged by another vPilot. Challenges that are valid at the time they are made will remain valid even if circumstances subsequently change which would otherwise invalidate that challenge.

Who you can Challenge

You may issue a challenge to any vPilot that is up to and including FIVE (5) ranks* above you on the ladder and is not already in a challenge (designated in GREEN). If there are no vPilots available to be challenged in this group, you will need to wait until;

  1. someone challenges you from below, or
  2. someone in the group above you completes their challenge and becomes available (designated in Black).
* any group of vPilots that have the same RATING are counted as ONE rank (even though they are spread out on the ladder),
* vPilots with the same rating as you are not included in the count,
* vPilots on leave (designated in RED) are not included in the calculation either.

Here is an example (based on the picture below):

Challenge Example

vPilot Cyborg wants to issue a challenge and therefore counts 5 ranks up the ladder. According to the rules above, he has the option of challenging any of the vPilots from rank 5 to 11.

When doing the count he skips,

  1. Markus, because Markus has the same rating as Cyborg, and
  2. Shogun, because he is on leave.

But because all the vPilots ranked 5 to 10 are already in a challenge, he can only issue a challenge to Marcus at the moment. Otherwise he must wait until one of the vPilots ranked 5 to 10 completes their match and becomes available to be challenged, or until someone further down the ladder challenges him. The Make Challenege function automatically calculates who you are able to challenge.


A vPilot may not challenge another vPilot against whom a match has already been flown, unless:

  1. BOTH vPilots have since flown matches against other vPilots, or
  2. Ten (10) days have elapsed since the previous match.

How to Issue a Challenge

All challenges MUST be made in the Challenges forum, using the correct subject line format. The challenger MUST also make a reasonable attempt to contact the challenged vPilot (making use of the contact methods the vPilot being challenged has provided in the Web League and/or forum profile).
You can have a look at some examples in the picture below.

Notice that the title of each of the threads starts with F4[C] (where [C] stands for challenge). Also notice that inside the thread, the post contains a list of available times and points of contact for the challenger, to help facilitate quick match scheduling. Where times don't specify GMT, GMT will be assumed.

Challenges that don't meet standards will be invalidated.

Responding to a Challenge

Challenged vPilots have four (4) calendar days to respond to challenges from the time the Challenge thread was made. Matches must be flown within eight [8] days of the challenge being issued on the Challenges forum. Responses to challenges must be made via the Challenges forum as a minimum, and preferably also by other available contact methods i.e. email and ICQ and PM's.

Organising the Match

The challenge thread should be used for all stages of the match. This includes posting offered times, agreed times, rescheduled times, notifications concerning availability, and results of the match. If vPilots cannot agree on mutually acceptable times to fly within 8 days, the match may be voided by mutual agreement (see Voided and Defaulted Matches below).

It is the challenged vPilot's responsibility to either accept a proposed time or offer a counter-proposal. Responses that do neither will not be considered an adequate response for the purpose of a "Voiding" request.

If a challenge is not responded to on the Challenges forum within 4 calander days of contact attempt, the challenger can request a Default or a Void, and must confirm the contact attempts he/she has made.

If the challenger fails to respond to a challengee's acceptance of a challenge time on the challenge thread within 4 days, the challengee may request a Default or a Void.

If a vPilot fails to attend two agreed match times; or does not make him/herself available to fly with an available pilot by the 8 day match limit, a Default may be requested by the other vPilot.

If you accept a challenge and attend at the agreed time but must leave before the match has been completed, you will be required to forfeit the match.

In the interests of keeping the competition moving, vPilots (especially new vPilots to the League and members who have not been active for some time) who default matches may be blocked from further competition.

Admin Approval of the Match

When a challenge is issued, the Admins will check/monitor it to ensure the challenge is valid (ie # of rankings between players, etc). If everything is ok, then the admins will:

  1. Change the icon in the 1st post to a THUMBS UP, indicating the challenge is valid,
  2. Go into the Web League Admin Link, Edit Player and set the "In Challenge" field to YES for both vPilots (thus making them Green on the ladder).


TeamSpeak will be the standard comms software for all matches. If you have any issues getting/installing/using Teamspeak, contact an Administrator ASAP. A TeamSpeak Server is available via the website for use in the competition by registered competitors only. Select anonymous and always join TS using your competition callsign. Users without recognised callsigns will be removed.

Secure Falcon

The Secure Falcon program is to be used in all matches, unless ALL participants in a match unanimously agree not to use it. The program, among other things, prevents certain modifications of installs and keymapping/bfops.cfg functions within Falcon. This has been done to ensure, to a reasonable degree, that vPilots are competing on an acceptably level playing field. As such, attempts to circumvent any of the program’s functions in matches are strictly prohibited and offenders will be removed from the competition.

Flying the Match

Three Engagements

Each match is made up of three (3) seperate engagements, titled; ROE1, ROE2, and ROE3. Together they represent the 3 ways that a 1v1 dogfight can be fought.

vPilots are required to fly all three engagement when conducting a match, regardless of the individual ROE results. Within each engagement, vPilots will strive to be the first to achieve 2 points (normally this will be the best of 3 rounds). If a vPilot wins the first two rounds, the third round in that engagement does not need to be flown.

The rules of each ROE engagement are explained below. Note that these rules are the ones that should be flown in the absence of agreement to fly otherwise. In other words, by mutual agreement, vPilots can agree to fly any rules they wish, but they MUST record this agreement in the Challenges forum thread.

Round Winner

The last vPilot flying and still in control of his jet at the end of a round, wins that round and scores 1 point.

While the "letter" of the law is that the last plane flying and under vPilot control at the end of a round wins the round, vPilots are encouraged to embrace the spirit of the rules. For example, if both aircraft are out of fuel and guns/missiles cannot be brought to bear on either, etc., the vPilots might agree to refly the round. Further, forcing a refly of an engagement by breaking rules i.e. weapon exclusion zones, to negate a disadvantage i.e. damaged jet, is also covered by etiquette.

Falcon 4 Allied Force Setup

Theatre to be used for matches will be either Standard Korea or Standard Balkans (i.e. not 2005 or 2010 theatres) since AIM-9Ps are required for ROE#2, and the All Aspect AIM-9s and Radar missiles required in ROE#3 are different in the non-standard theatres.

The Simulation Tab in the Falcon 4 Allied Force setup screen must show 100% realistic settings.

Padlock authorisation shall be set to ENHANCED by default for ROE 1 and ROE 2 and REALISTIC for ROE 3.

Clouds should be DISABLED due to MP issues in the DF module, and All other options such as External views, No collisions, No blackouts, Labels, Unlimited fuel and Unlimited weapons, etc, shall be UNCHECKED.

Pilots shall join opposing teams i.e. Crimson and Tiger, or Shark and USA.

The default jet flown by competitors will be the F-16C Bk52 fm. However, competitors may agree to fly any of the other flyable F-16 variants.

Location of the match and fog settings should be agreed upon by BOTH vPilots. If the vPilots cannot agree on a location or fog setting, then each vPilot should select the desired setting in one of the two WVR ROEs i.e. ROE 1 or ROE 2. If agreement cannot be reached in ROE 3 then settings should be left at matchplay default setting

Falcon 4 Allied Force Hosting

The vPilot hosting the match should also be aware that backing out of the DF Module Matchplay or disconnecting from the MP session before the client has come fully back to debrief can hang the client's game and ruin the client's ACMIs. Hosts must make sure that clients are back in debrief before exiting Matchplay or disconnecting from the MP session. If in doubt, ask!

ROE Rules

ROE = Rules Of Engagement

During the course of the match, these ROEs may be flown in any order, however if no agreement can be reached between the vPilots, they will be flown in the order shown below.

ROE 1 (Guns Only and ECM)

Setup conditions:

  1. Unlimited guns unchecked;
  2. ECM checked;
  3. No missiles of any type are allowed;
  4. Altitude 16,000ft;
  5. Starting range 15nm;
  6. The number of points set for the ROE is up to the vPilots. While 2 points is usually sufficient, rounds may need to be repeated, so more points would be prudent.

Beginning of each Round

vPilots must fly directly towards each other (as close to straight and level as possible). vPilots can commence maneuvering in anyway they like once they are within three (3) nautical miles of each other.

Weapon Restrictions:

Weapons will not be fired until after the aircraft have either passed each other, or if they do not pass each other, until after the point of closest approach is reached.

ROE 2 (Guns, 2 x AIM-9P and ECM)

Setup conditions:

  1. Unlimited guns unchecked;
  2. ECM checked;
  3. 2 x AIM-9Ps (Rear Aspect IR missiles);
  4. All Aspect IR and radar missiles are not allowed;
  5. Altitude 16,000ft;
  6. Starting range 20nm;
  7. The number of points set for the ROE is up to the vPilots. While 2 points is usually sufficient, rounds may need to be repeated, so more points would be prudent.

Beginning of each Round

vPilots may maneuver at will but weapons may not be fired until after the first merge as in ROE 1.

Weapons restrictions:

IR missiles may NOT be fired if the target aircraft is presenting a significantly forward aspect at close range. The weapons exclusion zone is defined as a cone extending out from the target's line of flight at an angle of 60 degrees i.e. inside 60 degrees any side of target heading (viewed top-down, forward of approx. 2 o\'clock and 10 o\'clock lines), and out to a distance of 5000 feet.

You may NOT fire at your opponent if you are within this weapons exclusion zone i.e. No face shots with IR missiles are allowed! In exclusion zone disputes, ACMIs from both competitors should be referenced if possible, however if only one ACMI exists, that shall be sufficient.

(If you are not familiar with the terms used above, basically the rule is that when both planes are facing each other, there are restriction as to when you are allowed to fire your missiles.)

The two pictures below demonstrate this concept.

ROE 3 (Guns, 2 x AIM-9M, 2 x AIM-120B, and ECM)

Setup conditions:

  1. Authorized padlock setting: Realistic;
  2. Unlimited guns unchecked;
  3. ECM checked;
  4. No Rear Aspect IR missiles are allowed;
  5. 2 x AIM-9Ms (All Aspect IR missiles);
  6. 2 x AIM-120B (radar missiles);
  7. Altitude 16,000ft;
  8. Starting range 60nm;
  9. The number of points set for the ROE is up to the vPilots. While 2 points is usually sufficient, rounds may need to be repeated, so more points would be prudent.

Beginning of each Round

Once vPilots are in the cockpit, anything goes.

Weapons restrictions:


Miscellaneous Rules

Landing (gear down or otherwise), is not permitted for any reason. A vPilot who lands his aircraft during a round is to be considered "killed".

Fuel dumping during engagements is strictly prohibited. Sufficient evidence of fuel dumping either by admission or acmi analysis will result in automatic match loss.

Backing out of an engagement or match while it is being flown, without agreement by both vPilots, for any reason other than circumstances beyond the vPilot's control i.e. CTD or MP disconnection, will result in a loss of that round, unless agreed otherwise by both vPilots.

CTD's, MP disconnection, Hardware issues, etc., should be dealt with under Etiquette i.e. if a jet is damaged and/or significantly defensive at the time of disconnection, or if disconnection happens on more than one occasion during a match while the vPilot is moderately defensive, etiquette suggests the point should be conceded.

If an engagement/match needs to be restarted, the score prior to restart should be maintained unless agreed otherwise by both vPilots.

Any hacking or tweaking of files in the standard install to change default settings inside of Falcon is strictly prohibited.

Recording Match Results

The match is considered conluded only when the match results have been posted;, whether is flown, voided, or defaulted.

Normal Match Conlusion

The vPilot who created the challenge thread will edit the subject of the first post in the thread and replace "[C]" with "[R]" (where [R] stands for results). This is required so that the Admin can identify completed matches more easily.

Winner Reports Results

The match winner will post the results in the same thread as the challenge, using the format shown below:

On this post, they will also enter the subject line, similar to the now modified first post in the thread.

vPilot Confirms Result

Pilots have 24 hours to either confirm the match results on the forum or indicate a match dispute. If there is no intention to bring a dispute, match results should be confirmed ASAP! If 24 hours has elapsed since the match report and an ROE winner has yet to confirm the result or indicate a dispute, any ROEs won will be forfeited by the non-confirming pilot.

Defaulted Matches

In the event that one Pilot is available to fly, and the other is AWOL during the allotted time frame for the match, the available vPilot may request a default win. The vPilot requesting the default should enter a new post in the match thread with the subject Line containing "[D]" (where [D] stands for default). If the vPilot requesting the default started the challenge thread, they should also edit the first post in the thread and replace the [C] with [D] so that Admins can identify completed matches easily, otherwise they should contact an Admin to make that change.

The Admins will check the posts in the thread to ensure that the Default request is valid.

Note however that defaults will not be recorded in the Web League until expiration of match time (i.e. 8 days from issue of challenge). Defaults may be reversed if the vPilot to whom the default win was awarded to requests a reversal, but only if the wins have not already been recorded in the Web League.

Voided Matches

If for some reason the match cannot make the scheduled time, then both Pilots may agree to a Void. The vPilot requesting the void should enter a new post in the match thread with the subject Line containing "[V]" (where [V] stands for void) outline the reasons why both pilots could not complete the match.. If the vPilot requesting the void started the challenge thread, they should also edit the first post in the thread and replace the [C] with [V] so that Admins can identify completed matches easily, otherwise they should contact an Admin to make that change.

The Admins will check the posts in the thread to ensure that the void request is valid.

Admins Score the Match

Regardless of how the match concludes (as long as there is no dispute raised) the Admins will then proceed to score the match accordingly. Admins will:

  1. Move the Thread to the Result forum,
  2. Goto the Web League and enter the winner of each of the three ROEs,
  3. Change the "In Challenge" status of both vPilots to mark them as being available for new challenges (thus making them Black on the ladder), and
  4. add a post to the thread stating that the result has been scored,
  5. edit the Subject Description in the first post to say "Scored", and
  6. change the icon to the "Money Bag".

Result Disputed

If the result of the match is disputed, the rules outlined in the Dispute Resolution section MUST be followed by both vPilots and will be followed by the Admins.

Dispute Resolution

All competitors are expected to act with integrity in disputes. i.e.

If a dispute arises from a flown engagement that cannot be resolved amicably by agreement between the vPilots involved at the time of the match, the dispute will be settled by a referee.

Screen Shots

If the match result itself is in dispute and no evidence of the match result can be provided, the match will be voided. Therefore it is advised that each vPilot takes screen shots at the appropriate points throughout the match.


Since some disputes cannot be resolved without having an ACMI as a reference, vPilots are encouraged to record each of their engagements during a match.

Since client/host ACMIs can show different things, there will be occasions when the Admins will ask for ACMI's from both perspectives. Therefore, it is again recommended that BOTH pilots record ACMIs of all matches and engagements.

Dispute Resolution Steps

After posting of the preliminary results, either party has the option to dispute the result. Here is what you should do and how you should do it:

  1. You should post in the Challenge thread that you have disputed the result. DO NOT provide any further information in the post. (There is no point arguing in the Challenge thread since probably no one in the forum knows what really happened. In some cases, it might even be seen by other vPilots as whinging.)
  2. Disputes must be indicated within 24 hours of the preliminary match results being posted on the forum (preferably ASAP). If you have a dispute, DO NOT confirm the results. Once match results are confirmed in the Challenges forum by both vPilots, no disputes in regard to that match will be heard. (So consider your actions before you take them.)
  3. You should explain (through the use of PM's, ICQ, email, TS etc) the basis of your dispute to the Admins in as much detail as you can (and with as much vigour as you desire). ACMI's are a good idea to support your case, and in some cases critical. Either way, if you intend to submit an ACMI, you must send it to the admin that will be handling the disupte within 24 hours of the preliminary match results being posted on the forum (preferably ASAP). Along with the ACMI, you MUST indicate precisely where the issue arises on the ACMI. If these conditions are not met, the preliminary match results, as posted, will be validated.
  4. The admins will review all the material you've supplied and anything else that needs to be investigated (this could include obtaining ACMI's from the other party, holding additional discussions, etc).
  5. The Admins will then make their decisions known to the vPilots involved in the dispute privately. This could be a directive to re-fly a ROE or the whole match, or a directive to abandon the match. (Lots of possibilities here that depend on what actually happened). This step of the process is the final opportunity to press your point.
  6. Once the Admins decision has been reached, the vPilots involved must abide by it. Failure to do so will lead to further penalties being imposed.
  7. The Admins will post their decision and action taken in the original challenge thread.
  8. Admin decisions are final once they are posted in the Challenge Thread (so Step 5 can be considered as an appropriate point to appeal a decision). No further correspondense will be entered into. (Whilst the thread in question will not be locked, any discent posted there will be removed.)

The League will not tollerate discent on the decisions it reaches after going through the above steps. The Admin team apologise in advance for any decisions made in the future you think are wrong, but "themz the breaks".

Important Links

Here are some links you will be using as a competitor:

  1. Forum
  2. Teamspeak details
  3. Standings Page
  4. Web League
Note that you need to be logged into the forum to see #2, #3, & #4.