2v2 DogFighting Competition Rules

This page explains all the information, requirements and rules you need to know about how to join the competition and how it operates. Please use it as a reference when you are unsure about some aspect of the competition.

Prospective competitors, please make sure you are registered on the forum and logged in before you attempt to use the Web League. Otherwise, you will not be able to access some of the Web League menus.

You will find a list of Important Links below.

Team Requirements

In order to participate, the team:

  1. May consist of up to four (4) pilots (in order to facilitate easier scheduling of matches between teams). However, only two pilots from a team can fly in any given match, and once a match begins, other team members cannot be substituted in,
  2. Will have a nominated Team Captain who will be responsible for challenging, scheduling matches, choosing pilots for a match, reporting results, and dealing with IDFL Adminis in matters concerning the Team,
  3. Has the option of providing a 'Patch' and a link to their website to the Admin for use on the 2v2 Roster page. Note that the URL will be accessed by clicking on the 'Patch' image
  4. Captain will forward the callsigns of each of their team members to the IDFL Admins.
Each member:
  1. Must have an up to date "vanilla" Falcon 4 Allied Force install (currently Patch 1.0.11),
  2. May have HiTiles and Stop's Pits installed,
  3. Must ensure that their install has no other modifications (including custom skins) when playing in the competition, you might consider having a seperate install for use in this competition,
  4. Has headphones/speakers and a microphone,
  5. Has Teamspeak2 installed,
  6. Has Email, ICQ, MSN, AIM, etc for use in contacting other vPilots to arrange your matches,
  7. Has Secure Falcon installed and licensed.

Joining the Competition

The team should join the competition using the NAME of the team as the callsign when using the JOIN Page.
This callsign will be what is displayed on the ladder.

You can join the competition by following the steps below:

  1. Goto the Web League main page,
  2. Select the Join option from the menu,
  3. Enter your callsign,
    • Please DO NOT add numbers, symbols, squad designations, or letter combinations that identify you as part of a group, to the front of your callsigns. Adding these behind your callsign is acceptable,
    • Please DO NOT add any punctuation marks to your callsign.
  4. Please enter your password,
    • Please use only alphanumeric characters and punctuation characters.
  5. Please provide reliable contact details (since these will be used to organise the matches you participate in),
    • Please provide as many points of contact as possible when registering. Email and ICQ should be considered the minimum for contact details, and use of PM on the forum is highly recommended.

  6. Your registration will be removed if:
    1. Your Callsign does not meet the above guidelines,
    2. You fail to provide sufficient valid points of contact,
    3. You register more than one (1) callsign.

  7. Press the Join Button to save your entry details.
  8. Below is an example of the screen.

    Join Example

Your Initial Rating

If your team joins after the competition has already started, your initial rating will be automatically set one point less than the bottom Team on the ladder.

Standings Page

The Standings Page is where you can see the status of the competition ladder at a glance. It's primary purpose is to display the Rank of each vPilot in the competition.

In addition to the rank, the Standings Page shows other statistical information about each Team; Wins, Losses, Percentage, and Rating. From the Standings Page you can also see who is in a challenge, who is not in a challenge, and who is on leave.

The figure below shows a sample portion of the Standings Page.

vPilot Color Codes

The color of the vPilot's callsign indicates their current status. Below is an explaination of what each color means:

Blackindicates that the vPilot is not in a challenge. They can either challenge another vPilot, or be challenged,
Greenindicates that the vPilot is either challenging another vPilot or another vPilot has challenged them,
Redindicates that vPilot is on leave and cannot be challenged.

In order to protect everyone's private information, the standings page will only include Callsigns with URLs and menu items at the top when you are logged into the forum.

The 2 v 2 System

The 2v2 League operates with rules that are similar to those in the 1v1 League. Rules that pertain specifically to the 2v2 competition are shown below. Otherwise they will be the same as the 1v1 League rules.
The system in use during the first stage of each season (the RACE) is based on the ELO rating system. Each team that has signed up before the start of the RACE will begin on a rating of 1000. Teams that join after the RACE has begun will remain on the bottom of the ladder (in the POOLED Group) until completion/scoring of their first match. The longer it takes a Pooled team to complete their first match, the lower their initial rating will probably be.
The system in use during the second stage of each season (the DIVISIONS) is based on points for individual victoris within each ROE (2 points awared for each enagement won, no points removed for a loss). Draws are not considered in the ladder scoring.
Each match will consist of three (3) ROEs (see below), with the winner of each ROE being the first team to win three (3) rounds (points in the Falcon UI). The team with the last pilot/s flying and still in control of the jet/s at the end of a round, wins that round. After a team scores three (3) points in an ROE, no further rounds in that ROE need be flown, or if flown, should not be reported.

Note that in the 1v1 League, it is the first to win two (2) rounds wins the ROE.

The Ladder during the RACE:

This system calculates a rating based on matches won and lost. In the Web League, each ROE is considered a seperate match. The system takes into consideration the rating of the opposing Teams The rating itself is a representation of the probability of winning against other rated Teams (i.e. a difference of zero in the rating of two opposing Teams would represent a 50% probability of winning/losing the match). The greater the difference, the more likely it is that the Team with the higher rating will prevail. Therefore the rating is also an indicator of the Team's skill.
Challenging a Team with a comparatively higher rating offers the potential of greater rewards in terms of improving the challenger's rating and hence placement on the ladder, if the challenger can defeat that Team. While the probabilities represented by the ratings may or may not be accurate in the short term (it will likely become more accurate over time as more matches are fought).
With the Rules of Challenging in place, the comparative rating itself will be a fair indication of success and comparative ability in the competition ROEs and should therefore work well in their primary purpose of ranking teams on the standings page. That is, teams with higher ratings are ranked higher on the Ladder than pilots with lower ratings.

The Ladder during the Divisions

During the second stage of each season, the competition is arranged into divisions. The number of Teams in each division may vary from season to season depending on the total number of teams.
Each team within a division will need to fight all the other teams in that division over a period of 2 months. Any matches not completed will be VOIDED unless 'stalling' tactics are being used by a team (in which case, a default might be scored in favour of the team attempting to get the match flown).
During the Divisions, the match format is the same as that in the RACE, that is 3 ROEs must be flown. However, in the divisions, each victory within each ROE will count for points. Therefore, where a team wins ROE1: 2-0, ROE2: 2-1, ROE3: 2-1, the winning team will score 12 points and the losing team will score 4. The ladder placing will depend on the total points accumulated, with the highest being in 1st position within that division.

Top Guns and the Hall of Fame

Since there has not been a Hall of Fame in the past for the 2v2 League, the doors to the Hall of Fame are wide open.

Hall of Fame will now record the the top three (3) Teams at the end of the RACE and the top three (3) Teams in each DIVISION at the end of the season. Once again, the stats will be recorded in addition to the Callsigns.


General Theatre to be used for matches will be either Standard Korea or Standard Balkans (i.e. not 2005 or 2010 theatres) since AIM-9Ps are required for ROE#2 and the all-aspect AIM-9s and AMRAAMs required in ROE#3 are different in the non-standard theatres. THE THREE ENGAGEMENT SCENARIOS (ROEs): The rules governing how the three (3) ROE are to be set up and flown are similar to the 1v1 ROE rules with a couple of noteable exceptions: a) The initial set up ranges have been extended for the 2v2 competition, and are marked in red below for your attention. b) ROE #1 maneuvering restrictions (from the 1v1 Rules) do not apply in the 2v2 comp. Once pilots are in the cockpit, pilots may maneuver at will in all ROE, however all weapons employment restrictions remain as per the 1v1 competition i.e. no guns at the first merge and the same 9P launch restrictions. 1) Guns only: The weapons loadout for this engagement scenario is guns only with ECM selected as per the 1v1 Rules. There are no maneuvering restrictions prior to the first merge, however shooting restrictions at the first merge remain. Setup conditions: Unlimited guns unchecked; ECM checked; altitude 16,000ft; starting range 25nm. 2) Guns and AIM-9P Sidewinders: The weapons loadout for this engagement scenario is guns and 2 x Rear-Aspect IR missiles (AIM-9Ps). As per the 1v1 Rules, there are no maneuvering restrictions in ROE #2 and the same weapons restrictions apply. Setup conditions: Unlimited guns unchecked; ECM checked; altitude 16,000ft; starting range 30nm. 3) BVR: The weapons loadout for this engagement scenario will be Guns, 2 x AIM-120 AMRAAMs & 2 x AIM-9Ms. Weapons restrictions: None. Once pilots are in the cockpit, anything goes. Setup conditions: Unlimited guns unchecked; ECM checked; altitude 16,000ft; starting range 65nm. While 2 points is usually sufficient, rounds may need to be repeated, so more points would be prudent. Scenario Order: These scenarios may be flown in any order, however if no agreement can be reached between pilots, the order above shall be flown. DF Module 'Rules of Engagement' Settings: * 100% realistic settings only shall be authorised as shown below. * Padlock authorisation shall be set to 'REALISTIC' by default, but may be changed to a different setting with agreement from both pilots. * Clouds should be DISABLED due to MP issues in the DF module. * All other options such as External views, No collisions, No blackouts, Labels, Unlimited fuel, Unlimited weapons, etc, shall be UNCHECKED. * Teams shall join opposing teams i.e. Crimson and Tiger, or Shark and USA. * The default jet flown by competitors will be the F-16C Bk52 fm. However, competitors may agree to fly any of the other flyable F-16 variants. * Fog percentage and altitude should be left at default unless agreed otherwise by all pilots. * Location of the match on the map should be left at default unless agreed otherwise by both pilots. Dispute Resolution: If disputes arising from flown engagements cannot be resolved amicably by agreement between the teams involved, issues will be settled by a League Admin referee upon request from a Team Captain. If disputes require an ACMI for resolution, but no ACMI can be presented, the match will be declared void. It is therefore highly recommended that ALL pilots in a match record acmis of all engagements. Match results are subject to validation by League Admin before being recorded. This is to ensure that all challenges/matches flown/results are valid; sufficient time is given for both Team Captains to confirm them; and any disputes are resolved prior to results being accepted. Reporting: Posting Match Result reports are the responsibility of the winning team's Team Captain. The subject line of the post should follow the same [R]esult and [D]efault formats as used in the 1v1 Tournament and Ladder. Installs: The Ladder competition will begin with Falcon 4: Allied Force patched to 1.0.11 and shift to other updates as soon as possible after release and confirmation that there are no major issues with them. All installs should remain stock standard i.e. no modifications, except of course logbooks, acmis, TEs, keystroke files, etc. This is an online MP competition folks, and multiplayer stability and compatability are of the highest priority. If you want a modified install, create multiple installs and keep your competition install unmodified.
If you haven't connected online in multiplay before, get it worked out well BEFORE your first match. Don't wait till it's too late to find out you have problems. Comms: Teamspeak will be the standard comms software for League matches. If you have any issues getting/installing/using Teamspeak, contact an Administrator ASAP. It is adviseable for at least one member on a team in any given match to be able to 'broadcast' to the other team's channel to facilitate communication between teams while in game. The server password can be found in the Pilots Lounge forum.